Summer Vacation Driving Tips


CARSTAR Offers Vacation Driving Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

The final school bells ring, the weather begins to heat up and you and your family are ready for vacation. But is your vehicle ready for the roadway too? CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts, the leader in the collision repair industry, offers a few smart tips for keeping you and your vehicle safe on the road.


“Vacation driving can be challenging for car owners, from heavy holiday traffic, to navigating unknown roads to focusing on the highway with a car full of excited family members,” said Dave Jacobus  of Jacobus CARSTAR.  “But with some good preparations and smart precautions, you can make your summer vacation a great experience for you and your vehicle.”


With these tips in hand, you can buckle up and hit the beach:


•              Fuel efficiency can help make your trip cheaper in the long run.  With gas prices on the rise, you don’t want to spend your entire vacation budget at the gas pump. Use a pour-in fuel system cleaner and get your oil changed to maximize your miles per gallon.

•              Check regular maintenance items. It is important to check all fluid levels including coolant, check tire pressure, clean windshield wipers and check your headlights and tail lights. This simple maintenance can help prevent an expensive break-down.

•              Prepare for automotive emergencies. Plan ahead in case an emergency happens with the phone numbers for automotive assistance. CARSTAR offers 24 hour service at 1-800-CARSTAR and can provide towing, rental cars and repair services at  locations around the country.

•              Pack a bag for your car. Before you hit the road, pack an emergency kit for your car including a first aid kit, cell phone and extra battery, water, jumper cables, duct tape, work gloves, non-perishable food items, blankets, flares and a flashlight. If the unexpected happens, you’ll be prepared to address minor issues, call and wait for assistance.

•              Only hit the roads after hitting the hay. Driving after a night of limited sleeping is dangerous to you and your family but as well as other drivers on the road. Making sure you are well rested will allow you to focus better and be more alert while driving.

•              Speeding will not always help you reach your destination faster. Excited motorists may try to get to their vacation spot faster by speeding. This can cause unsafe roadways as well as the possibility of a speeding ticket. Speeding will also increase your fuel usage and overall expense of your vacation. Plan accordingly for travel time when planning a vacation.

•              Map your trip before you move. Using GPS systems and navigating unknown roads while driving is a bad combination. Take the time to map out your trip before you move and jot down the directions so you can focus on driving.

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